16th International Symposium of Trace Elements in man and Animals

RUSTEM Meetings

Russian Society for Trace Elements in Medicine (RUSTEM) organized international scientific meetings in the field of trace element science:

FESTEM meeting - 4th International Symposium on Trace Elements and Minerals in Medicine and Biology - June 9-12, 2010, St. Petersburg, Russia

More than 160 scientists and practitioners from 28 countries visited the meeting. Selected papers from the symposium were published in a special issue of Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology.

5th International Selenium Seminar – Selenium: biology, clinical and preventive medicine, nutrition - September 21-25, 2015, Moscow-Yarosavl, Russia.

More than 80 scientists and practitioners from 8 countries visited the meeting. This was the first time the event was not held in South Korea or China.

The RUSTEM members participated in all FESTEM symposia, last ISTERH symposium, Metal Ions in Biology 2004 (Saint Petersburg), “Bioelements”, Orenburg, Russia, “International Conference on adaptation and physiology”, Moscow, Russia, 2014, “Transport medicine and toxicology”, Odessa, Ukraine, 2014, International Conference "Chemical Analysis In Medicine" and International Workshop "Trace Element Status Of Population And Demography", Moscow, Russia, 2015, as Organizing Committee members.