16th International Symposium of Trace Elements in man and Animals

Main Topics

  1. Methodology of trace element research
    • Novel analytical techniques for trace element research;
    • Adequate biomarkers for trace element status;
    • Novel models and model systems for trace element research.
  2. Trace elements in the environment
    • Trace elements and environmental health;
    • Trace element toxicology;
    • Occupational health: the role of trace elements.
  3. Fundamental aspects of trace element biology
    • Absorption, transport, deposition and excretion of trace elements in living systems;
    • Trace elements in cellular signaling pathways;
    • The role of trace elements in cellular division, growth, differentiation and death;
    • Trace elements and stress-mediating systems.
    • Trace elements in human and animal health and disease
      • Trace elements in immunity and immunopathology;
      • The role of trace elements in endocrine regulation of functions and metabolic diseases;
      • Trace elements in musculoskeletal system and traumatic diseases;
      • Nervous system and trace element balance;
      • The role of trace elements of reproductive function and health.
    • Trace element supplementation in medicine, veterinary and agriculture
      • Technological and methodological aspects of trace element supplementation;
      • Trace element balance modification in veterinary;
      • Trace element status modification in medicine;
      • Trace element supplementation in enhancement of efficiency in agriculture.
    • Individual trace element research
      • Iron in health and diseases;
      • Copper in health and diseases;
      • Iodine in health and diseases;
      • Selenium in health and diseases
      • Zinc in health and diseases